Personal Data

Name Maria Hanasaki (花咲マリア Hanasaki Maria?)
Age 17
Birthday Unknown
Birthplace Parallel World (Tokyo,Japan)
Current Residence Mangolia Town (Lucy's Home)
Blood Type A
Astrological Sign Pisces
Character Trait Love Flowers
Magic Flowers Magic

Healing Magic


Fairy Tail Guild

Team Team Natsu
Partner Gray Fullbuster

Lucy Heartfilia

Romantic Interest Gray Fullbuster


Family Members

Japanese Marie Miyake
Maria Gallery

Maria Hanasaki (花咲マリア Hanasaki Maria?) she is a new main character of Fairy Tail : Far Future. She is a new member of Fairy Tail Guild and fall in love with Gray Fullbuster. She is also a model like Mirajane Strauss and an idol.


She has curly light brown hair worn with a flower clip in the center. Her eyes are a darker shade of purple.

Her orange Fairy Tail Stamp is located on her right thigh, which makes fairy tail stamp is not visible. because Maria rarely wear short clothes.


She is kind,friendly,and strong but acctualy she is loner. She have a good relationsip with Lucy and Gray. Until she is fall in love with Gray, and make Juvia Lockser as her rival.



Lucy Heartfilia - they very close since they met, Maria also helped Lucy in Fashion. They are increasingly close since Mria stayed at Lucy's home. She is also the first girl known that Maria in love with Gray.

Gray Fullbuster - he is Maria's love interest in this series only. not known whether Gray also liked it. but they protect each other and care about each other.

Mirajane Strauss - s he is an Maria's inspiration .She says Mirajane was amazing, because in addition to beautiful, she is also strong. Maria want to be like Her.

Juvia Lockser - her rival but she also care to Juvia. and they are jealous of each other.

Wendy Marvell - she is also her "bestfriend". Because they both have a same personality.

Makoto Ryuunosuke - Maria's childhood friend who also from Tokyo. he who teaches Maria can do Flowers Magic. '

Magic And AbilitiesEdit

Flowers MagicEdit

Flowers Magic (花の魔法 Hana No Mahou?) - is a Caster Magic type and Lost Magic. This magic can only be do to a person designated by the Twin Flowers Fairies. Her magic can make to control plant and make plants that withered to grow back.

Blossom Wall (花の壁 Hana No Kabe?) - is Maria's first attack. Maria stretched out her hands in the form of crosses. then came the thousands of flowers that form in front of a high wall serves to protect themselves from enemies.

Blossom Shower (花のシャワー Hana No Shawa?) - Is Maria's third attack. Maria draws a circle of cherry blossom flowers before her and shoots them at the enemy.

Awakening Flower Waltz (目覚めのフラワーワルツ, Mezame no Furawā Warutsu?) - is Maria's fourth attack. Maria jumps in the air and she is surrounded by wind with an ethnic pink patterns. As she continues to spin around, she is lifted into the air. Once the whirlwind gets violent, Wakana lands and green vines start to grow as she rotates on the ice using her right leg. She finishes with a pose and colorful flowers surrounding her enemy.

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