Fairy Tail : Far Future (フェアリーテイル:遠い将来 Fearī Teiru : Toi Shorai?) is User:BellRose~ first fan series and the very first fan series on this wikia. Fairy Tail and original some Characters and magic are not my own but Hiro Mashima. This story maybe not good as original story of Fairy Tail, but i keep work really hard to created a good story ^^*.

follows the story of Maria Hanasaki a girl who came from Parallel World found by Team Natsu. The girl was joined Fairy Tail. Maria could get to Mangolia Town because her city ​​(Tokyo) is attacked by a mysterious wizard, which uses Darkness Magic. to Maria return to home areas, they must find a Magic portal and the portal will appear when they obtain Prism Orb. they also have to protect Maria from the dark and evil mage. A New fairies adventure is begins!.

Episode ListEdit

Maria arcEdit

Lucy Heartfilia desperately wants to go the Maria Hanasaki's concert, the a new top idol but Lucy has not had a ticket. lucky, Mirajane have 5 tickets. they immediately go to the concert. After helping Maria from a dark Mage after , Maria says she want to join Fairy Tail Guild.

The opening theme for this arc is Boy Meets Girl by Prizmmy and the ending theme for this arc is Kanpekigu No Ne by Watari Rofuka Hashiritai.

# Title Arc Air Date
1 新しい運命

Atarashi Unmei
A New Destiny

Maria Arc
Febuary 1 , 2014
all members of the team natsu have a strange dream, which is to see a Mangolia Town by who attacked by mysterious mage and they destroyed the Fairy Tail building for the second time, and a girl named Maria become the target, which Gray protects Maria. the next day, Lucy wants to go to Maria's concert who a new singer and get a ticket from Mirajane. it's just the same as their dream but the fairy tail building was not destroyed also mysterious mage attacking Maria, automaticlly Team Natsu help Maria. Lucy was very happy because Maria wants to join Fairy Tail.
2 愛に羽ばたく女神

Ai ni Habataku Megami
The Goddess Who Flies to Love

Maria Arc
March 4 , 2014
Team Natsu choose a mission that is "Search for Cross". Mia and Watabe's Haruka says Haruka Ito her daughter who ran away from home because their parents divorced. Mia and Watabe Haruka will pay "300,000 Jewels" for those who find his daughter, Ito. Team Natsu met with Ito at musical theater. Ito admitted that she did not want his parents divorced, Happy and Natsu immediately notify the Mia and Watabe that they have found Ito. At the end of the episode, Ito asked Maria to do a concert for him. So their family was reunited.

Daybreak ArcEdit

Team Natsu help Maria to get back Prism Stone that own by Naru and Beru. Until, they found a Lovely and Sexy Prism Stone. Lovely belong to Maria and then Sexy belong to Lucy, while Naru and Beru become they spirit.

The opening theme for this arc is Boy Meets Girl by Prizmmy and the ending theme for this arc is Kanpekigu No Ne by Watari Rofuka Hashiritai.

# Title Arc Air Date
3 伝説のセブンスコーデ

Densetsu No Sebunsu Kōde
The Legendary Seventh Coord

Daybeark Arc
March 4 , 2014
Together, Team Natsu along with Maria take on a job with a 1 million jewel reward. They must to find Naru and Beru's prism stone that is The Seventh Coords are legendary outfits, according to their personality. In this episode, they found Lovely Seventh Coord.
4 最終的な座標...!?答えはNoです。!

Saishu tekina zahyo..!? kotaeha No Desu!
The Final Coord...!? The answer is No..!

Daybeark Arc
March 4 , 2014
After they find Lovely Seventh Coord. Beru was controled by Zeref. Beru says "I'm The Most Sexy Girl Inn The World and I'm the queen!!". When Erza and the others want to defeat Beru, Lucy says "Violence does not solve the problem, I'm sure Beru need attention. Was not always the bad guys are evil". After said that, Beru was back to normal. And the shock Naru and Beru turned into Spirit. Naru belong to Maria and Beru belong to Lucy. They say by using the power of their spirit, their strength become powerful than usual, and could have the same physical shape as they are. Naru also says, there is another spirit as they are, they must find it before the evil mage find it.
5 フェアリーテールのショー·フェスティバル

Feariteru no sho fesutibaru
Fairy Tail's show festival

Daybeark Arc
March 6 , 2014
Fairy Tail will hold a festival. The festival aka the common people that not mage can do photo and autograph with their favorite fairy tail mage. At the end of the episode, Maria did a show with a song Aurora Princess.

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