Darkness Slayer is a story written by NoxNightKing or NoxNightLord(on wikia). This story follow Kuroka Yokami, an S-class Fairy Tail mage who was gone on a 5 year mission and returns after the Edolas arc of the normal series, as she gets used to being around the Guild Hall and deals with everything alongside her newly made friends.

Episode List Edit

Kuroka arc Edit

This arc begins in Chapter 2 and in this arc the Lucy Heartfillia and Natsu Dragneel followed later by the others begin to learn more about Kuroka.

The arc begins with Fairy Tail going to have their annual fair, which is actually more of a convention, in which the guild shows off many kinds of magic to a another city, the city in question is the city Orasia, dubbed "Reading Central" because the city is where many publishing and magazine companies are located, one of which being Sorcerer Magazine(Sorcerer Weekly). During the fair Kuroka gives an interview to Jason, a reporter for Sorceror Weekly.

After the fair, Kuroka and the others split up inviting Lamia Scale and Blue Pegasus to the ball being held in honor of Gildarts, Kuroka, and Laxus all three being back at the same time. After retrieving Blue Pegasus they began the walk to Mongolia town and upon re-entering the town Blue Pegasus' Master Bob, who was reminiscing aloud, brought up Karen Lilica, a Celestial Wizard whom treated her spirits terribly causing Kuroka, being half celestial spirit, to snap at Bob and stomp away.

After announcing the rules of the ball, Kuroka asks Natsu to be her date to the ball so as to avoid Master Makarov's punishment games, but also because she trusts him the most among the boys she knows.

At the ball a conversation occurs between Leo(who was Lucy's date) and Kuroka which turns for the worse when Leo notices Black Magic on Kuroka and asks her about it. Kuroka tries to deny it but Leo presses ehr for answers. She then gets angry and says she won't tell him stating there is only one person that fully knows her and remarks on it being sad that it isn't her mother and it definitely wasn't him before bringing up Hercules, a celestial spirit of the constellation of the same name, and Leo tries to reason with Kuroka but she orders him to say the exact words Hercules said.

Main Characters Edit

Kuroka Yokami - The celestial spirit/human hybrid raised by Mildian God Tenebris and main female character in this series, wielder of the Darkness God Slayer Magic.

Natsu Dragoneel- The Dragon raised Human and main male character of this series and main character of the actual series itself

Team Natsu- Each character in Team Natsu is an important character in the story.

Gajeel Redfox- An important character due to his close proximity to Team Natsu and overall character.

Wendy Marvel- An important part of the series and a helpful character

Fairy Tail-Each member not listed has some part in the story such as Laxus and Makarov being her adoptive brother and grandfather respectively

Tenebris- The Adoptive father of Kuroka and the Mildian God of Darkness, though he has yet to be seen he already plays a major role.

Nott- Though it has not yet been explained who he will be very important later on.

Styx- The main villain of the Kuroka arc and daughter of Ankhseram, she's a goddess and a cousin of Kuroka's.

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